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Don't let it go away. This feeling has got to stay.

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Apr. 6th, 2009 | 01:03 pm
mood: discontent discontent
music: "New" -No Doubt

My mom's "friend" Dave has moved into my old house... in my old room... sleeping in my old bed.

She asked me how I felt about it beforehand, and I kept telling her it was her life and she could do what she wanted, but the night before he came, I broke down and told her how much I hated the idea. It's not that I'm afraid he'll replace my dad or something. I like him better than my dad, but I still don't like him. My mom deserves the best. Plus, she should really be working on getting herself together. She hasn't been single since she was a teenager. She's afraid of being alone, and she needs to work on that.

She says they're just going to be friends right now, but idk.

The only good thing about it is she doesn't beg me to stay over every time I come over... but I don't even like going over there as much now.

I liked it when it was just me, mom, and bj.

Idk. Maybe I'm being a bad daughter. I should think about what makes her happy.

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Denise the Superstar

From: deniseboulet
Date: Apr. 7th, 2009 12:48 pm (UTC)

You're not being a bad daughter. I feel like parents first priority should be their kids and what makes them comfortable/happy. Not that I think you're mom is doing anything to intentionally hurt you... I agree that she's just afraid to be alone. But, I think if she gave herself some time she's see that being single isn't half bad. She needs to figure out who she is... Just her, not as part of a "we" or an "us".

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